End-to-End Marketing & Business Solutions

CoachReg offers customised integrated marketing, brokerage & business consultancy solutions for private schools & advertisers.

What are the Problems Faced?

Schools and Advertisers Marketing Challenges

  • Shifting digital trends
  • Being seen in crowded competition
  • Profiling target audiences correctly
  • Marketing strategies that translate into Sales
  • Lacking business & operating processes
  • Lacking resources to build core competencies
  • How to expand / exit

Parents and Learners

  • What am I most talented in?
  • Which school offers the programmes I am looking for?
  • Where can I see and compare the best schools?
  • Which school has consistent teaching standard?
  • Which school fits my requirements?
  • What are the reviews by current learners of the school?
  • Is there a portal to facilitate my school research process?

Our Solutions

Led by a team of marketing experts and well-versed individuals in the Singapore education industry, CoachReg offers 4 comprehensive business solutions that could take your brand to new heights.

We offer customised and integrated marketing, brokerage & business consultancy solutions.

We’re Here to Help You!

by offering customised integrated marketing, brokerage & business consultancy solutions.

Our Founder

Isabelle Loo

Isabelle is a qualified Management Consultant recognised by SPRING Singapore. She offers a range of consultancy services for schools and businesses under the CDG programme, which enjoys 70% subsidy from SPRING Singapore.

An esteemed finance graduate and honours degree holder at National University of Singapore (NUS) class of 1996, Isabelle Loo worked in the banking sector for a few years before quitting to touch lives at the Ministry of Education (MOE) in 1998.

She subsequently earned a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education (Merits), and attained a Diploma in Departmental Management, both awarded by Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

During her 11 years of dedicated service as a teacher, Isabelle also spearheaded the People Developer Standard (PDS), a derivative of the SPRING Business Excellence (BE) framework, very much like EduTrust and SPARK. Moreover, she was the Head of Department for designing curriculum and coaching teachers, as well as a School Staff Developer who coached the next school leaders & put in place learning framework and processes for staff.

Isabelle left as a Senior Education Officer in 2009 after a fruitful stint at MOE to start a successful B2B business in the service industry, where her company is well-known for its high service standards.

With a heart still full of passions for education and armed with an in-depth knowledge about Singapore’s education industry, she fully understands the pains of a private education business owner and as a parent. She started CoachReg Pte Ltd which began formal operations in 2014 to bring transparency to the private education marketplace and to resolve the pains and needs of its stakeholders.

CoachReg Pte Ltd has helped many companies in the education industry in various consultancy work, ranging from strategic advisory consultancy and implementation to help overseas investors invest in Singapore schools and bringing them overseas, to branding and marketing consultancy.

Our Team

Passionate Educators

With over 10 years of experience with the Ministry of Education

Technical Experts

Focused on digital technology and platform management to help you and your business go further

Creative Marketers

Specialised in integrated communications

Core Values

Knowledgeable & Passionate

Understanding & Inspiring