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School Consultancy

CoachReg understands that business owners are domain knowledge experts and may not have the know-how or objectivity to shout out a defensible and clear message that your target customers can relate to. In the crowded market, you will be able to stand out only if your unique selling proposition is crystal clear, defensible and communicated clearly to your audience repeatedly.

CoachReg helps companies increase their competencies in 4 areas (see below). CoachReg’s founder and Team Lead, Isabelle Loo, is a Registered Management Consultant recognised by SPRING Singapore, so that you can enjoy SPRING Singapore’s 70% CDG Grant. Isabelle is supported by a team of experienced marketers, producer and programmer to deliver a marketing mix that is effective to bring sales continuously for the long term.


Identifying your unique value proposition, capturing its essence and marketing it effectively for sales. We research, pilot test and hand-hold you to roll out an Integrated & customised marketing strategies specially for your brand.


Using a structured approach to translate your Vision into Strategies to gain a competitive advantage.


Implementing standards to improve your product, processes and raise competitiveness Curriculum, Teaching, Assessment.


Putting in place HR processes and strategies to attract, develop and retain your talents. Pedagogy, Knowledge transfer, Business Continuity, Appraisals.

Why Us?

We are a business owner too! We know (and can feel) what keeps you awake at night and how to promote your products or services uniquely so that your customers can relate to them. We know that profitability is the bottomline, and our focus is to increase your profit sustainably, even after our engagement has ended.

We specialise in the service and education industries.

We start with understanding your vision, your business and offering, sitting in your daily ops and talking to your stakeholders to size up your unique selling proposition. We will sharpen your offering so that your offering is unique and worthy of word of mouth. We will craft a razor-sharp value proposition for your audience so that they know exactly why they should choose you to solve their problem.

We will plan a customised and integrated approach for your business, comprising a marketing mix of push and pull, online and offline marketing so that your business takes flight sustainably, even after our engagement.

We will journey with you from 3 to 12 months, so that we can study, craft, pilot test, proven success and transfer the proven marketing mix strategies to you. Our goal is not to tie you to us forever, but to empower you so that you can have the resources and know-how to carry on on your own. Or if you wish, we can continue to help you on a retainer basis after the project has ended.

For the education business owner, you will be surprised how we can diagnose your education business so quicky within 60 minutes of consultation, pin-pointing your strengths and what to improve on in your Curriculum-Pedagogy-Assessment-Monitoring-Feedback 5-step processes. Our team lead was an ex-MOE Head of Department and School Staff Developer with more than 10 years of experience training teachers and formulating department and school strategies for excellence. She is also a successful business owner of a few brands. Do we need to say more?

How do we work?

We diagnose your situation, sit in your ops, talk to your stakeholders and recommend proposals and weigh them across parameters that matter to you. We devise a marketing mix that works for you, and roll them out to the market to validate the response. Our team will create content and do A/B testing to see which of the strategies will your target customers respond to them better, enhance them and create a resource kit so that you have your very own resources that have proven to work. We will document the proven successful strategies that we have executed for you in a manual so you can always refer to it. We will train you and your team so that you are empowered to be independent in the long term, and be successful in garnering sales on auto-pilot.

The CDG grant is fully customisable to your business needs and budget. However, we understand that it is easier for your budgetting if packages are available:

S$10,000 (you pay S$3,000) – 2 month Immediate Result project
S$20,000 (you pay S$6,000) – 4 month Sustainable Result project
S$42,500 (you pay S$12,750) – 8 month Long-Lasting project – includes appearing on 1st page of Google Search

We are a team of branding and marketing experts, with our own marketing strategist, media producer, editor and programmer. Our Team Lead, Isabelle Loo, is a Registered Management Consultant recognised by SPRING Singapore.


  • Registered Management Consultant (IMC) recognised by SPRING to claim 70% grant
  • DDM, PGDE (Merits) – NTU
  • BBA, Finance (Hons) – NUS
  • Founder and Director of CoachReg Pte Ltd

Education and Professional Qualifications

2016 Registered Management Consultant (IMC) recognised by SPRING
2014 – Present Started CoachReg Pte Ltd, with 4 brands
2009 – 2013 Started a business specialising in servicing corporate clients
2007 – 2009 MOE, School Staff Developer, Senior Education Officer
2002 – 2006 MOE, Science – Head of Department
2000 – 2001 MOE, Science Subject Head(Internal)
1998 – 2000 MOE, Teacher
1996 – 1998 United Overseas Bank, Senior Bank Officer

Sounds good? Call us quickly at 6589 8512 or 9678 6568 so that we can earmark our resources for you. We can only accept a few clients a year. You can also email us at